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Complex « Hadjiite » spreads at an area of almost 2,000 sqm and has all it takes to welcome wedding celebrations, anniversaries, parties and birthdays. There are 3 restaurants in the complex with a total capacity of 100 people. On the first floor is located the « Vienna salon », luxury furnished in 1960’s style.

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Underneath you can find « Sofia hall », characterized by contemporary design, Swarovski crystals and modern atmosphere. If you are fond of home cosiness and the vibrant, flickering warming flame of the fireplace, « Cherevmeto » tavern is the perfect place for you. There you will be welcomed by the tempting scent of traditional bulgarian cuisine, which can be tasted even in wintertime, contemplating the gentle fall of the snowflakes and enjoying a « greyana rakia » (the perfect beverage for that time of the year).



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Koprivshtitza 2077,

“h. Nencho Palaveev” str. № 15,

Reception: 0887 398713, 07184 2123, 07184 2144

Manager: 0894 747263, 0889 070077, 0879 016171






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