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Koprivshtitza is a place, where you can sport and tour no matter the season. Special eco-routes were created with the help of european projects, taking tourists to the mysterious and untouched places of Sredna gora, as far as peak Bogdan (the highest peak in the mountain). These routes are also suitable for horse riding. Horse riding is common in this area and the town’s stables offer well-bred Arabian horses with good temperament. There also will be organized archery and shooting tournaments.

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Mountain biking offers spectacular riding on exciting trails through jagged peaks and gorges amidst the awesome scenery of Sredna gora.

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Fishing fans can try their luck in the waters of Dushantzi dam. Even if they don’t succeed they can be comforted by the fishing specialty of our chef. And for those, who prefer someliering, there is a special surprise – wine degustation at Starosel winery.

Cultural tourism is also very dense in Koprivshtitza. During your time here you will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with all historical landmarks and renaissance heritage in this rebellious and spirited town.


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