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This small mountain town has big contribution to bulgarian history, culture, literature and language. This fact is noticed by the chronicler of bulgarian uprisings Zahari Stoyanov, who exclaims: “Oh my God, a village with the size of a box, where only rye grows, where the winter is nine months, where the main roads are just two spans broad, where noble guests are considered hadji, where neither Blanqui, nor Ami Bue, Kiprian Roberta or Louis Lege have stepped – such a crowd of patriots! Inexplicable!”

Actually, dozens of great personalities are born in renaissance Koprivshtitza. Their role in the economic, public, political and cultural life in Bulgaria before and after the Liberation is unquestionable.

Lyuben Karavelov – writer and ideologist of bulgarian national liberation revolution, who has written Koprivshtitza’s “anthem” – “Hubava si, moia goro”; revolutionaries – highly educated Todor Kableshkov, who sacrificed everything in the name of freedom; the voyvoda Georgi Benkovski, whose words: “Come on! Let’s die! Get up, slaves! I don’t want the yoke!” raised the spirits of the enslaved nation. The first government of Eastern Rumelia (Directorate) consisted mainly of educated and respected people from Koprivshtitza: Yoakim Gruev, Todor Kesyakov,  dr. Georgi Valkovich, Mihail Mihailov, and col. Konstantin Kesyakov is the first chief of police in Eastern Rumelia. Petko Karavelov – Liuben Karavelov’s brother was a prime minister of Principality of Bulgaria and chairman of the Liberal and Democrat parties. Maternally connected to Koprivshtitza are also prime ministers Konstantin Stoilov and Ivan Evstatiev Geshov, Mihail Madjarov, who was chairman of the National Assembly, minister and diplomat, minister plenipotentiary in London and Petersburg; Rashko Madjarov – minister and long-standing deputy from the district of Pirdop. M. Madjarov’s daughter – Anna Kamenova was a writer, author of the novel “Haritina’s sin”, wife of acad. Petko Stoynov – scientist, politician and public man.

Here was born also the founder of the first bulgarian school with classes Nayden Gerov – teacher and bookman, author of the first bulgarian poem “Stoyan and Rada”, the first Dictionary of bulgarian language (5 volumes), diplomat, originator of modern educational system in bulgarian schools. Luka Kasarov – bulgarian activist for education and bibliographer from Koprivshtitza, is the author of the first bulgarian encyclopedia “Encyclopedic dictionary”.

Koprivshtitza is the home of the gentle lyricist Dimcho Debelianov, author of some of the most touching bulgarian pieces of poetry. The dignified Debelianov clan has contributed to Bulgaria also the great architect Velio Debelianov, whose role in saving Koprivshtitza from ruination and declaring it a town-museum is substantial.

Bulgaria has benefited a great deal from families like the Karavelovs, the Gruevs, the Kableshkovs, the Madjarovs, etc. The wealthy families of the Chalakovs, the Moravenovs, the Chomakovs, the Gerovs, the Gruevs, the Kableshkovs, who migrated to Plovdiv, save Koprivshtitza from hellenization. Wealthy and prosperous were the families of tax collectors, but they were also risking a lot, traveling the dangerous roads of European Turkey: the Chalakovs, the Chomakovs, the Doganovs, the Karavelovs, the Kableshkovs, the Desiovs, the Moravenekovs, etc. With their two hands and a with lot of hard work prospered craftsman families like the Oslekovs, the Mlachkovs, the Debelianovs, the Gaytanekovs, the Nalbantovs, the Djambazovs, etc.

Philanthropy, arts patronage, increasing of public welfare were a matter of duty and honor for the renaissance people of Koprivshtitza. Merchant families like the Madjarovs, the Kozinarovs, the Palaveevs, the Budinovs, the Liutovs donated from their own purse for the sake of their hometown. Prosperous citizens have build fountains, bridges, streets, the two churches, the school, the chitalishte, the mausoleum ossuary, the monument, dedicated to all those who died on the battlefields of the wars for the unification of Bulgaria (N.Petrov). The deed of donating families has not been forgotten even today: the Lichevs donated their house for school refectory, the Madjarovs have build fountains, along with the Djartazanovs they initiate the afforestation of nearby areas, saving the town from draught and heavy rains. The Dorosievs, the Fitlekovs, the Kalachevs, the Mlachkovs and many others contributed for the construction of fountains, bridges and for the education of their fellow citizens. For his extreme generosity and love of his hometown, the largest sponsor – hadji Nencho D. Palaveev, is gratefully referred as the philanthropist of Koprivshtitza. His sponsorship was vital for the construction of the belfry of “St. Nikolai” church, the building of the chitalishte, which today carries his hame, the mausoleum ossuary, the foundation of Classical High School in Koprivshtitza with teachers from Western Europe, etc. Representatives of another enterprising and patriot family – the Grozlekovs have constructed three fountains in and out of town and have helped in the construction of the chapel on “St. Spas” peak.

The list of generous people of Koprivshtitza is a lot longer, because there are many descendants of old families, who, following the example of their forefathers, help in these difficult times for the preservation of the glorious town – emanation of bulgarian spirit, education and culture.

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