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In 1952 Koprivshtitza is declared a town-museum and in 1971 the town grants the status of architectural and historical reserve. In 1978 Koprivshtitza is declared national architectural reserve with international significance and a place for international tourism. Thanks to the professional conservation and restoration of old houses, fountains, bridges and street ensembles the unique renaissance spirit and appearance of the town is preserved even in the beginning of the XXIth century. Koprivshtitza’s status as national architectural reserve with international significance and a place for international tourism is the fundament of the strategy for the development of the town.

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Today the main occupation of Koprivshtitza’s population is the traditional production of potatoes. In recent years around 300 dca have been planted with raspberry. In the town there is also a dairy with modern facilities. Logging and wood processing are also very popular in Koprivshtitza. Agriculture is low-efficient due to poor soil and livestock is not developed. That’s why the town is now looking for alternative forms of livelihood. On the first place, this is the development of cultural, conferent and ecological tourism, which leans on Koprivshtitza’s most important advantages – its unique nature – preserved beauty, favorable climate, rich historical and cultural traditions, spirited and enterprising population.

As far as the ethnic composition is concerned, Koprivshtitza is homogeneous – 100% ethnic bulgarians. The rate of literacy of locals is 99.8 with 98.2 for the country.

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Nowadays the people of Koprivshtitza advocate not only for their own welfare, but also for the economic and cultural well-being of their fellow citizens, for all aspects of the development of the town, so that it can be able to offer to its numerous visitors convenience and cosiness, relaxed atmosphere and cultural program. The aim of local people is to preserve the magic of Koprivshtitza, which drives the one, who has visited the town to come back and never forget it, to listen eagerly his fascinating never-ending story…

(Based on materials from Strategy for sustainable development of Koprivshtitza 2002-2006. Collective, edited by Borislav Vilarov)


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