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Koprivshtitza – this town, hidden in the heart of Sredna gora is located 112 km east from Sofia and 89 km northwest from Plovdiv.

The territory of the municipality, which spreads at 139 234 dca of venerable oak, beech and pine forests and just 1 566 dca of populated area, includes only the town of Koprivshtitza.

Koprivshtitza has evoked the admiration of many bulgarian and foreign authors and writers, including the Koprivshtitza born poet Dimcho Debelianov and Zahari Stoyanov, who exclaims: “Oh my God, a village with the size of a box, where only rye grows, where the winter is nine months, where the main roads are just two spans broad, where noble guests are considered hadji, where neither Blanqui, nor Ami Bue, Kiprian Roberta or Louis Lege have stepped – such a crowd of patriots! Inexplicable!”

The inexplicable, strangely attractive force of this little town seems to enchant the tourist, the patriot, the adventurer. Here is the scene, where fearful chieftains roamed, assisted by fearless women, where rebellious books were written and copied, where great patriots, ready to sacrifice their own lives, were born as well as gentle lyricists, influential writers and spiritual leaders. Here, behind the stone walls and wooden gates and on the cobblestone curved streets you can here pure vibrant bulgarian speech.

Numerous tourist from Bulgaria and from abroad, who have visited Koprivshtitza, are left speechless in front of the sheer beauty of this picturesque mountain town. For this town is one of the few places, where you can find peace and tranquility, clear nature and healthy climate, both in summer and during the marvelous days of winter. What is unique about Koprivshtitza is the preserved renaissance atmosphere of the town, carrying the spirit of long gone times. The narrow cobblestone streets, the high stone walls, the huge wooden gates of wealthy merchant’s houses, the old style of the buildings, an example of bulgarian architectural genius, are just some of the things, which characterize this atmosphere. The rest – you have to see for yourselves.

With such historical and cultural background, Koprivshtitza draws the attention of historians, ethnologists, folklorists, architects, musicians…

Situated 1060 m above sea level, the town is highest town in the whole of Bulgaria. Koprivshtitza, being 3 km long and 600 m broad, is limited by the cliffs of the Balkan. The hollow, where the town lies is traversed by Topolnitza river, on whose shores Koprivshtitza stands.

Around Koprivshtitza soars the highest peak in Sredna gora – peak Bogdan (1604 m), followed by peak Bunaya (1572 m), situated in close proximity to the town. The climate is mountainous, very healthy and despite the long and cold winter (from November till April), this is the place in Bulgaria with the most sunny days during the winter months. During the day the weather is warm and everything melts down, but at night freezing cold numbs the town (- 28-30°C at full moon nights). That, combined with the clean fresh air from the pine forest and the cold potable water of nearby springs, makes Koprivshtitza the perfect destination for a healthy vacation, no matter the season.



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